documentaries and feature films worth watching

since i often suggest that people watch one quality film for every mindless one they consume, i am also often asked for recommendations. there are a gazillion places to find lists of films meeting all kinds of criteria. this is simply a list of high quality, thought provoking films that i can personally recommend. these are not all family friendly picks. please do your research before viewing them in order to determine if they are right for you and/or your audience.

feature films
get low
darjeeling limited
the band’s visit
the king’s speech
where do we go now?
cairo time
catch me if you can
don juan de marco
what’s eating gilbert grape? tucker
real women have curves offsides
a serious man
starting out in the evening
robot and frank
the last station
an education
the descendants
ides of march
big fish
second hand lions
bright star
slumdog millionaire
up in the air
the last station 
the eyes of tammy faye into great silence
afghan star
being elmo
bill cunningham new york
louder than a bomb
somewhere between
a touch of greatness
paul williams still alive
this is not a movie
the way we get by
pom wonderful’s greatest movie ever sold
the world according to sesame street september issue
a man named pearl
the corporation
mad hot ballroom
jiro dreams of sushi
ai wei wei
last train home
queen of versailles
young at heart
a day in the life
pressure cooker
the king of kong
my architect: a son’s journey
philosophy kings
kings of pastry
pressure cooker
i like killing flies
nursery university
exit through the gift shop
the beauty academy of kabul
walmart: the high cost of low price
the corporation
praying with lior
the war room
searching for sugarman
30 days (morgan spurlock)
america’s heart and soul
brooklyn castle
5 broken cameras
arise the movie
first position
march of the penguins
born into brothels
craig’s list joe
king of corn
miss representation
america the beautiful
miss navajo
stories we tell
we steal secrets
this is not a movie
march of the penguins
alive inside
keep on keepin’ on
citizen four

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